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What Escort Services Do You Offer?
Nov 21, 2017    |    Blog , Escort , Escorting , Resources , Sex Worker Stories

How do you know what escort services to offer? Recently I was speaking with a newbie to the New Zealand sex industry. Fresh-faced, enthusiastic and eager to start, I asked them what escort services they would offer. “Oh everything, I’m pretty open-minded” I grinned empathetically, “Everything?”, my mind immediately running away with the craziest requests I’ve ever been asked. “Well….

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Migrant Sex Workers – NZPC Interview
Nov 09, 2017    |    Agency , Blog , Escort , Interview , Resources

Migrant Sex Workers in New Zealand…Well, I (Sharon) had questions, as did many of you… I knew this as you were contacting me and I was lost for words. To get some answers I thought I’d visit the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC). Catherine Healy at the NZPC in Wellington was only too happy to oblige. The main topic of conversation….

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NZ Escort Ads – Tips on what to look out for
Sep 17, 2017    |    Blog , Client Advice , Punting Advice

It’s Friday night and you’re feeling frisky. A few taps of the keyboard and you’ve entered an NZ escort directory, filled with ad after ad of professional women offering the services you desire. Scrolling down the page, a golden blonde, in lace lingerie, draped across a chaise lounge catches your eye. She’s so beautiful, with a model like figure, it….

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A Retreat with no Spa?
Sep 05, 2017    |    Blog , Resources

When Shelby first contact me with the idea of a Hooker Retreat I envisioned a party of women, wine glasses in hand, soaking in a steaming hot tub, with nothing else on their minds except relaxation. Alas, it wasn’t quite the direction Shelby was headed – she had bigger plans! Upon further communication, it was clear the Hooker Retreat was….

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Etiquette is an Escorts Foreplay
Aug 23, 2017    |    Blog , Client Advice

Foreplay? In your civilian life, you meet a girl, ask her out for coffee, she says yes and before the date a few texts may be exchanged back and forth. Texts complimenting her, subtle hints at what attracts you to her, it’s the warm up period before the real date begins, who knows it may even include a little dirty….

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7 hints and tips to Spruce up your Escort Advertising
Aug 10, 2017    |    Blog , Escorting , Resources

Being an independent escort is more than just pleasing clients, it means becoming a secretarial-copywriting-selfie photographer NINJA, and we weren’t all born with the gift of writing or marketing to ensure your escort advertising stands out in the crowd. Writing your advert can seem a daunting task, and you may just be stuck thinking “What information is important to a….

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Pubic hair maintenance through the ages
Jul 20, 2017    |    Blog , Escort

Pubic Hair – to shave it, wax it, trim it into shapes, let it grow Au Naturale or go full out VAJAZZLE – the options are endless. Historically the standards for pubic hair maintenance have ebbed and flowed with the trends of the time and what society deemed as acceptable. From ancient Egyptian grooming techniques to media influences of today, join….

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The Dashboard Exposed
Jun 04, 2017    |    Escort , Resources , Tutorials

What’s In Our Dashboard..   Here at NZ Pleasures a lot goes on behind the scenes. We want to make sure that we incorporate everything we possibly can in order to make your lives easier. To do this we have put together what we have affectionately termed ‘The Dashboard’. Escort advertising is an environment that can change hour by hour, this….

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