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Etiquette is an Escorts Foreplay
Aug 23, 2017    |    Blog , Client Advice

Foreplay? In your civilian life, you meet a girl, ask her out for coffee, she says yes and before the date a few texts may be exchanged back and forth. Texts complimenting her, subtle hints at what attracts you to her, it’s the warm up period before the real date begins, who knows it may even include a little dirty….

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7 hints and tips to Spruce up your Escort Advertising
Aug 10, 2017    |    Blog , Escorting , Resources

Being an independent escort is more than just pleasing clients, it means becoming a secretarial-copywriting-selfie photographer NINJA, and we weren’t all born with the gift of writing or marketing to ensure your escort advertising stands out in the crowd. Writing your advert can seem a daunting task, and you may just be stuck thinking “What information is important to a….

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