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NZ Escort Ads – Tips on what to look out for
Sep 17, 2017    |    Blog , Client Advice , Punting Advice

It’s Friday night and you’re feeling frisky. A few taps of the keyboard and you’ve entered an NZ escort directory, filled with ad after ad of professional women offering the services you desire. Scrolling down the page, a golden blonde, in lace lingerie, draped across a chaise lounge catches your eye. She’s so beautiful, with a model like figure, it….

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A Retreat with no Spa?
Sep 05, 2017    |    Blog , Resources

When Shelby first contact me with the idea of a Hooker Retreat I envisioned a party of women, wine glasses in hand, soaking in a steaming hot tub, with nothing else on their minds except relaxation. Alas, it wasn’t quite the direction Shelby was headed – she had bigger plans! Upon further communication, it was clear the Hooker Retreat was….

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