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May 29, 2018    |    Blog

A finger in the butt: what will people think of me? By Mistress Joysin, Dominatrix. A very long time ago I was too nervous to take a finger in the butt. Yes, Me, a Dominatrix! There are many psychological barriers to anal play. Women fear they will ruin their reputations, men fear it means they are gay. The other fear….

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May 22, 2018    |    Escorting , Sex Worker Stories

We have only been live for 61 days! In that time a lot of things have changed, we have added so many features I’m not even sure we can add them to one page. It’s been a 7 day a week labour of love and honestly I don’t think we would change a thing. We have received some wonderful reviews….

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May 20, 2018    |    Escorting , Resources , Sex Worker Stories

The Hidden Aspects You’re an amazingly resourceful and self-driven being who has chosen the life of the private companion for the freedoms it allows you. Answering your own phones, scheduling appointments, juggling your accounts and being an all-around sole trading ninja! But there are days when you crave human interaction; ironic for someone who’s vocation involves the most intimate of….

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May 19, 2018    |    Blog

A blog by Jordan Quinn Are Kiwi’s prudes or just ignorant? This is the question Julia Sloane, cast member of the Real Housewives of Auckland seeks to answer, after her co-stars find a vibrator in her draw, and are subsequently mortified when Julia starts educating them on sex toys. Over the course of a 75min long documentary, Julia explores sexuality….

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May 08, 2018    |    Blog

I Use My Body – a Poem by Shelby Strumpet I use my body I am a sex worker My body is not used I use my arms … my arms my arms to hug  my arms to hold  my arms to support and encourage I use my arms I use my hands … my hands my hands to caress  my….

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