Aug 13, 2018    |    Blog , Interview

Thank you to Aunt Jackie and the team at Auckland NZPC for allowing us to speak with you! – Jordan and Sharon Aunt Jackie could talk a leg off a chair, but I guarantee you, you’ll be hanging on at every word. We call her Aunt Jackie as she’s the face of the Aunties, a charity collective supporting all kinds….

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Aug 03, 2018    |    Blog

Ask the Commerce Commission to investigate monopoly in NZ As most of us are aware, there is a business monopoly that has occurred in New Zealand regarding an online adult advertising directory. We can see the impact that this is having on independent advertisers, agencies, and fellow directories. We think the time has come to make a change. Marketing/advertising is….

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Aug 01, 2018    |    Escorting , Sex Worker Stories

The cost of prostitution: The removal of my name from your Facebook friends list is a subtle, but unmistakable sign of our disintegrated friendship. Screamingly obvious is the once everyday texts and calls, to radio silence. Your moral compass is stronger than what I thought this friendship was. My Story While listening to a friend discuss recent life events over….

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