About NZ Pleasures

The year is 2015 and a certain Prime Minister is busy pulling ponytails. Jordan Quinn (then just Jordan) is passionately enjoying part-time escorting, while I, Sharon, am in retail management. Although I love what I do, I have seen an industry that requires better customer service than what it currently has.

The seed was planted in late 2015, when the potential to own an advertising platform arose. Some serious research was needed to know if we were the right people to offer this kind of service. With my 20 years in customer service and Jordan’s current job title as “escort” we joined forces.

Hours of market research into the sex industry and what was lacking, lead to meetings, and those meetings lead to bonds with professional teams of website designers ready to help.  In early 2016 the seed began to sprout when Jordan and I began the basis of what has become NZ Pleasures.

The NZ sex industry has a plethora of online advertising options, from free to paid, each with their own list of benefits. But what became evident through our research and Jordan’s journey through escorting, is that there is no one platform that encompasses all that advertising has to offer.

When you ask yourself, what do I want from my advertising provider, can you tick off all the boxes?

If we were not able to tick every box from what is currently available, we figured there must be others with this very same dilemma.

NZ Pleasures has been created with escorts, agency/brothels, strip clubs, and adult stores businesses in mind. We wanted to create a platform where you as an advertiser could feel satisfied your hard earned dollars were well spent, your queries are answered and your advertisers worked for you.

To promote, create community, and add value. These are the words we have based every design and business decision on. How is NZ Pleasures going to promote you, our advertiser, to the highest degree? How can we support you and our community? How is NZ Pleasures going to add value to your business and ensure that you feel valued in return?

We’re excited to have launched our labour of love, now let the fun begin!

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