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7 hints and tips to Spruce up your Escort Advertising

7 hints and tips to Spruce up your Escort Advertising

Aug 10, 2017    |    Blog , Escorting , Resources

Being an independent escort is more than just pleasing clients, it means becoming a secretarial-copywriting-selfie photographer NINJA, and we weren’t all born with the gift of writing or marketing to ensure your escort advertising stands out in the crowd.

Writing your advert can seem a daunting task, and you may just be stuck thinking “What information is important to a client?” or “I don’t know how to describe myself?”

In this blog, we’re going to shed light on some simple steps you can take to start creating your profile or perhaps bring your advert up a notch or two.


1. Your “right hook

More often than not, if you’re on an advertising platform, your main photo is the first thing a client sees. Let’s call this main photo your “right hook”. The hook is what is going to grab that client as he’s browsing. You want to make your main profile photo stand out, make sure it’s crisp, not pixelated. Choose an image that’s clear to interpret, don’t make your clients squint to figure out what they’re looking at. Try using a photo that captures your target market, the type of gentlemen (or any gender) interested in seeing you! If your niche is BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) then use a photo that shows off your curves.

Carry on this allure in your gallery images. Avoid filling up your gallery with pixelated, badly lit images because that’s all you have available. This article to on How to take your own Lingerie Photos may assist you.

My tips for taking selfies-that-don’t-look-like-selfies:
– use as much natural light as you can
– have a mirror nearby to experiment with poses
– zoom in while taking the shot, rather than cropping an image later to avoid pixelation
– remove unwanted items from the background.

When it comes to nudity, sometimes less is more and leaving the imagery to a client’s imagination will spark interest.


2. Describing yourself

Use your description to show your glowing personality. While photos are great at showing the client who they are expected to meet, they don’t always represent features such as height very well, they also fail to shed light on how smart and funny you are. Here’s your chance to tell your potential clients your interests and what you’re like:

– Do you laugh a lot? 
– Are you dominant or submissive? 
– What are your favourite activities? 
– What are your interests? 
– Are you tall or short, blessed with a bountiful bust or beautiful slim legs? 
– What are your favourite features about yourself? 
– Do you have tattoos not visible in your photos?

Your description doesn’t have to be too formal unless that’s what you like. Avoid being too crude in your description and save the sex talk for the bedroom. Pretend you’re sitting in a relaxed environment in front of the client, how would you describe yourself face to face?

While many of you might be saying “Guys don’t bother to read my description anyway”, shake things up a little with a well-written description and see how your clientele changes. Need a little more inspiration? Check out this article here.


3. When are you available?

Inform clients of your hours of work; otherwise, they may assume you’re available 24/7. Most businesses advertise their hours of operation to clearly inform customers when they are available. If you have days that are always YOU days, then display that. Advertising precise hours will help clients know when to contact you and when they can potentially schedule a booking.Granted not all of them will bother to read your hours but the ones that are serious about meeting you will.


4. Save time

State the rates for the service(s) or the length of time you provide. Don’t waste valuable time on clients who can’t afford you or want to haggle with you once a price is given. Let the client know the cost of your services/time and spend fewer hours answering questions.


5. Your service

Services, preferences, dos and don’ts. Say you’re paying for a gym membership. At this gym, you want access to the weights room, the yoga room, the boxing ring, and group classes, many gyms have different memberships depending on what you want access to and how much you are willing to pay. Clients will also want to know what services they’re getting in exchange for their money. You may choose not to provide a “menu” so let them know that that’s your preference. If there’s a service you definitely do not do, then why not note it? Try to avoid writing “up for anything” as this can be misleading. A brief explanation of your services, or what you enjoy providing will help a client decide if you’re who they’re seeking.


6. How will clients reach you?

Now that you’ve put in all this hard work creating an eye-popping profile complete with enticing photos and writing an alluring description, it would be a shame for the client not to be able to reach you. Phone, Email, or Text? State your contact details and how a client should get in touch. Let them know your preferences such as No Private Numbers, Text Only or if you only check emails once a day then make a note of this.


7. Proof read!

Your escort advertising is almost perfect – don’t forget to read it from top to bottom, or get a friend to read it for you. Spelling or grammatical errors may not make a difference to Joe Blogs, but if a potential client is reading that you’ve described yourself as educated or smart, it’s a step in the wrong direction. It’s so easy to skim over a spelling mistake or a missing digit in a phone number, so ensure you proof read.

While a spelling mistake may not cost you any business, an incorrect contact number will. Success starts with a profile that encapsulates all that you have to offer. So take the time to represent you, your brand, and attract the clientele you want to meet.


Do you have any further ideas on how to create a knockout profile? Please feel free to share in the comments section below. Perhaps you have more ideas or topics you would like to see a blog or two about, the best thing to do is to drop us a comment or an email.

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