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Etiquette is an Escorts Foreplay

Etiquette is an Escorts Foreplay

Aug 23, 2017    |    Blog , Client Advice


In your civilian life, you meet a girl, ask her out for coffee, she says yes and before the date a few texts may be exchanged back and forth. Texts complimenting her, subtle hints at what attracts you to her, it’s the warm up period before the real date begins, who knows it may even include a little dirty talk. In this instance a little foreplay can go a long way.

This is all fine and well in the real world, but in the escort world, the only foreplay you’re going to get is once money has exchanged hands. An escort is not interested in how good looking you are, how often you go to the gym, your age, your turn-ons, or god forbid a picture of your dick. If you want an escort to be “looking forward to seeing you” then etiquette is your game tactic, and it’s the easiest way to separate you from the crowd of “other” texts and emails they’ll be receiving every day.


Follow these simple steps and the escort of your choice will be more than eager to see you!

Make yourself desirable to your Escort!

There are countless lists on the web by men’s magazines, women’s magazines, lifestyle blogs, even business articles, with titles such as “What a woman is looking for in a man”. And what comes up most often?


Any man can find an escorts number from the web, be part of the few who take the time to read her profile/website; what services she offers and if you’re a good match. By simply writing “I’ve read your website and am interested in your XYZ service” makes you instantly smarter than the guy who wrote, “U do BJ?”


You’re a man who knows what he wants, and you know how to ask for it. Don’t go skewing confidence with arrogance, you’re not demanding this from an escort, you’re simply requesting the style of booking you would like, within the boundaries of what they offer. You know how long you’d like the session to go for and have a date/time in mind.


Is chivalry dead or just manners? Manners make such a huge difference to your desirability. How do you show your chivalrous side without having met your escort yet? Simple. Your text should start with greeting her with their name, followed by introducing yourself. Remember, you’re a complete stranger asking another stranger for intimate services. Your following request for services should begin or end with a please or thank you and you will not haggle the price. Seems pretty simple right?


Trust can be found in the shape of a deposit. If the escort asks for a deposit it’s to ensure you turn up to the scheduled appointment, if you’re resistant or rude in fulfilling this simple gesture, you’re only lessening the chances of seeing her. It’s unlikely they’ll retire on your measly $100 deposit. Simply by offering to pay a deposit, you’ll instantly receive brownie points!


How to make yourself irresistible to an escort in 2 simple steps

1.       Make contact via their preferred contact method, with the following included:

a. Greet the escort with their name
b. Introduce yourself
c. Choose a date and time
d. The service and for how long

2.       Ask how you’d like the deposit to be paid

Follow these simple steps and the escort of your choice will be more than eager to see you!

Now if you’re saying “I don’t have time for that”, yes you do, because there is only one first impression, and your experience with your escort will be That. Much. Better. now they are looking forward to meeting you.

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