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NZ Escort Ads – Tips on what to look out for

NZ Escort Ads – Tips on what to look out for

Sep 17, 2017    |    Blog , Client Advice , Punting Advice

It’s Friday night and you’re feeling frisky. A few taps of the keyboard and you’ve entered an NZ escort directory, filled with ad after ad of professional women offering the services you desire. Scrolling down the page, a golden blonde, in lace lingerie, draped across a chaise lounge catches your eye. She’s so beautiful, with a model like figure, it makes you wonder if it’s too good to be true? The photography is flawless, as though it’s been plucked from Vogue and now you start to question the ad.

Now there are plenty of beautiful NZ escorts out there who have spent valued dollars and time on stunning photography. They’ll have well-written profiles and most likely many reviews from pleased clientele. They are not the escorts we’re concerned about. It’s the ones that spoil it for the rest of the industry by thinking it’s ok to use someone else’s photo as their own.

But it’s not only photos that raise the red flag when it comes to fake ads.

So how do you ensure the escort you’re planning on seeing is the one in the advert? Below you’ll find a few simple hints and tips, both from us here at NZ Pleasures and experienced gents, for navigating the online word of NZ escort profiles.

*The following blog has been written with New Zealand in mind


Don't be fooled by pretty picturesHints for spotting a fake ad

1.       Photos look like they’ve been     pulled from a magazine

2.       Prices are weirdly low or no prices were given

3.       No contact details provided

4.       Lack of or strange description

“Read the ad critically. Does it seem dubious somehow? Is it weirdly under-priced, or clearly written oddly?” – Anonymous Gent


Tips you can deploy


1.       Research your chosen NZ Escort

Why take the risk? A few extra minutes on the internet will help you decide whether you’d like to make an appointment with the escort or not. Try Googling their name or mobile to see if they have any reviews or are on multiple NZ escort sites.

“You can google an extract of the text and see if it appears elsewhere or is stolen” – Anonymous Gent

“Just like every other aspect of life, when you engage the services of a professional you get recommendations, check their feedback and talk to them personally. You wouldn’t spend your hard-earned money on a plumber or builder without doing some work. And although visiting an escort is a totally different transaction the principal still applies” – Anonymous Gent

2.       Reverse Image Search

Using Google Reverse Image can quickly help to deduce if an escort is using fake photos. What do the results of that search yield? Are the photos found on lingerie websites and overseas escort sites?

“Probably the most important (step) is to use reverse image search on the photos. I find that seems to work better than Google” – Anonymous Gent

3.       Rates

Does the ad provide rates for services? If so do they seem reasonable, or too good to be true?

“Look at several adverts in your area, for an average price and see what services are offered for that price. If those services are offered at below the average price, then why?” – Anonymous Gent

4.       Look closer at the contact details

The lack of a mobile number is the first red flag. Granted, some NZ escorts prefer to work via email. Is the email provided one you recognise? Say Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo? Ever seen one ending in sharklasers? Emails ending with sharklaser or pokemail are disposable email accounts, throwaways that are great for avoiding spam in your mailbox but not ideal for running a legit business!

5.       Social Media

Have they provided a social media account or can you find them on sites like Twitter? Twitter for escorts is a great tool for putting a client’s mind at ease, for escorts to show potential clients that they are indeed legit and their photos are a true representation of themselves.

“On Twitter, you can see someone’s history, check out their past and present interactions, look at media and see if they match the ad” – Anonymous Gent

Don't think with the little head


Here at NZ Pleasures, we moderate all ads before making them live, using many of the techniques described above. This is to ensure the profiles shown are genuine to the best of our ability. We’re not perfect though, and an escort profile has made it online using fake photos. Thanks to a concerned gentleman who recognised the image from elsewhere, we could confirm this fact with reverse image search, and notify the escort of the removal of their profile.

A special THANK YOU to the gentlemen who provided us with their own advice. For their privacy, all client quotes have been tagged with Anonymous Gent only.

Do you have any further advice? Post it for others to see in the comments section below.

2 comments on “NZ Escort Ads – Tips on what to look out for”

  1. Great advice, and never knew of those photo reverse sites, just used the generic Search for image via google option.

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