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What are the polls saying…

What are the polls saying…

Jul 16, 2018    |    Blog , Escort , Escorting , Interview , News , Resources , Sex Worker Stories

What are the polls saying?

Your feedback is important and informative and we love to hear it! Every so often we run a new poll on NZ Pleasures, these can be for fun or more pointed to a particular issue.

The polls are located on the sidebar of the Blog page on NZ Pleasures. Follow this link to be taken straight to our blog page.

We also love to run polls on Twitter, we have a great following of Tweeters from around the world and your feedback is just as important. We will continue to keep you updated with the results of our future polls by posting the results here as well.

The information below is a mix of all the polls we have run on NZ Pleasures and a selection from Twitter. We welcome your comments at the base of this article in relation to any poll you see here or if you have a great idea for another poll please let us know.

If you don’t already follow us on Twitter you can find us by searching @NZPleasures or by following this link to our Twitter page.

What is the main thing you look for in an advertisers profile?

What the polls say - What do you look for in an advertisers profile

Apologies for the image not appearing clearly, the chart site was having issues. Sexy enticing photos and what services they offer certainly shine out from the rest of the results, although I have to ask… What makes a photo sexy and enticing? Perhaps that’s another poll!



Clients, Customers, Patrons… Lend me your answers

When you are looking for a provider online how many websites do you look at?

How many sites

Why do advertisers continue to support the monopoly

Why do we stay

This wasn’t a poll that garnered a large number of votes but I think the result is quite clear – they have a large traffic volume that is for sure, but with customers looking at more than one site when searching for a provider are the advertisers being restricted?

Have you ever dated anyone in the adult industry?

What is it like to date someone in the Adult industry, have you thought about it? Are you okay with it or would the jealousy become too much? There are so many questions surrounding dating in this industry that we put together a quick blog piece to try and highlight some of the more common questions, check out our Dating an Escort blog. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

Have you heard of International Whores Day?

This is an important day in our history, the 2nd of June each year. This was the date in 1975 when over a hundred sex workers occupied the Église Saint-Nizier in Lyon. This occupation was to draw attention to their inhumane working conditions. It is recognized around the world and is more commonly known as International Sex Workers day. Like to know more? Have a look at our blog piece; International Whores Day.

Have you used the services of the NZPC?

What is the NZPC? Originally it stands for The New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, but as the years have passed it now prefers to be called The New Zealand Sex Worker Collective. The NZPC is a government funded organization and helps to provide advocacy, legal aid, tax advice, free supplies, support – even if it’s just a shoulder to lean on, health clinics (anonymous in most cases), relaxing offices to chill out in and meet with others to have a coffee.

They provide information and assistance to researchers, lobby government, and often have speaking events in New Zealand and overseas. They also provide information to overseas organizations working towards decriminalization or other sex worker initiatives.

There is so much information on the NZPC available through their website or you can sit back and watch our two-part video series from our interview with Dame Catherine Healy regarding the NZPC.

Watch Part one here                   Watch Part two here

Pubic Hair – How do you like yours?

Fashion comes and goes and the same can be said for pubic hair preferences from the Merkin to the Au Naturale, so how do you like yours? This was a poll that was open to both advertisers and clients. 

Did you know, there is actually a recorded history of pubic hair and its maintenance over time! Check out a brief history through our blog Pubic Hair Maintenance Through the Ages.

What are your thoughts regarding glass toys?

This poll was just for a bit of fun after we had an interesting conversation about a glass toy that someone had in their workroom as a piece of art – it really was beautiful. So, we thought we would put it out there to see how people felt about using glass toys.

Twitter Polls

As mentioned above every now and then NZ Pleasures will run a Twitter poll, these are usually around sensitive issues that concern our advertisers and clients. We feel it is important that we discover how our customers are feeling about the important aspects of the industry so that we can make better-informed decisions regarding the things that will affect them.

Age Verification Polls

First Poll

Given recent events*, what are people’s thoughts about age verification? Would you be willing to verify through a secure, non-recording system online? One that you submit your license (for example) and photo and a report is generated that simply says – match and date of birth?

*If you are wondering what the recent events were that prompted us to ask these questions please read the article from The Herald.

Age verification

Second Poll

Would you be more inclined to supply if the information could not be directly connected to NZ Pleasures and you knew that your information would not be stored?

Age verification

Third Poll

If being age verified is important to clients, possibly a draw card to your service would you be happier providing that information? Remembering it would be kept safe, private, instantly deleted upon identification and only seen by either Jordan or myself through a registered online security company. Do you have other ways that would make you feel safe enough to become age verified (proof of over 18)?

Age verification

Poll for Clients at the same time as Advertisers Polls

Clients Would you feel happier and safer knowing that your provider was age verified and that their photos were verified?

Age verification clients

We will continue to add to this blog page as we construct more polls so please keep an eye out for additions.

Do you have an idea for a poll that we should run? Perhaps you have feedback regarding any of the above polls – we would love to hear it, so please feel free to write it in the comments section below.

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