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Aug 09, 2019    |    Blog , Client Advice , Escorting , Sex Worker Stories

The author – Harley Brixton – is a male escort for women and couples. He is currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand. This is the second in a three-part series of blog posts about why women are currently less likely to hire a male prostitute. For part one, which looks generally at these reasons, click here. A private purse I think there is….

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Aug 09, 2019    |    Blog , Client Advice , Resources , Sex Worker Stories

The author – Harley Brixton – is a male escort for women and couples. He is currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Preface: Terminology In this post, I use the common words “man” and “woman” as terms of convenience. I do not intend to exclude queer or gender-diverse folk; my intention is simply to aim this article primarily towards cis-het….

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Aug 01, 2018    |    Blog , Escorting , Sex Worker Stories

The cost of prostitution: The removal of my name from your Facebook friends list is a subtle, but unmistakable sign of our disintegrated friendship. Screamingly obvious is the once everyday texts and calls, to radio silence. Your moral compass is stronger than what I thought this friendship was. My Story While listening to a friend discuss recent life events over….

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Jul 16, 2018    |    Blog , Escort , Escorting , Interview , News , Resources , Sex Worker Stories

What are the polls saying? Your feedback is important and informative and we love to hear it! Every so often we run a new poll on NZ Pleasures, these can be for fun or more pointed to a particular issue. The polls are located on the sidebar of the Blog page on NZ Pleasures. Follow this link to be taken….

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Jun 12, 2018    |    Blog , Sex Worker Stories

If you’re an escort yourself, you’ll understand what it’s like when a curious question is directed your way; “What made you choose this job?”, “Am I your first client of the day?” or “Do you get many bad clients?” just a few examples of the usual suspects. You’ll have mastered the answers for these and brush them off as quickly….

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Jun 03, 2018    |    Blog , Escort , Escorting , Interview , Sex Worker Stories

Part 1 In Conversation With Sex Workers is a 5 part video series by director Erika Lust. Jordan and I thought that these videos convey important information, give insight into the lives of others within the sex industry, and perhaps, we hope, they would be educational to those outside of the industry. Each week I will be adding another part….

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Jun 02, 2018    |    Blog , Escorting , Resources , Sex Worker Stories

The History of International Whores Day.   As a whore myself, I believe it’s important to remember the history behind why we are celebrating International Whores Day, to commemorate the women before us, who fought for their rights to work as prostitutes and for the women who are still fighting today, to be treated like normal human beings. San Francisco….

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May 22, 2018    |    Escorting , Sex Worker Stories

We have only been live for 61 days! In that time a lot of things have changed, we have added so many features I’m not even sure we can add them to one page. It’s been a 7 day a week labour of love and honestly I don’t think we would change a thing. We have received some wonderful reviews….

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May 20, 2018    |    Escorting , Resources , Sex Worker Stories

The Hidden Aspects You’re an amazingly resourceful and self-driven being who has chosen the life of the private companion for the freedoms it allows you. Answering your own phones, scheduling appointments, juggling your accounts and being an all-around sole trading ninja! But there are days when you crave human interaction; ironic for someone who’s vocation involves the most intimate of….

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Mar 13, 2018    |    Escorting , Interview , Sex Worker Stories

Yana the Russian; a courtesan well loved in the NZ sex industry (and abroad) for her quality of service and no BS approach to life. NZ Pleasures was lucky enough to meet with Yana before she departed our shores. In the following video, we get to know Yana that little bit more, and also ask for her tips on working….

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