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An interview with Yana the Russian Courtesan

An interview with Yana the Russian Courtesan

Mar 13, 2018    |    Escorting , Interview , Sex Worker Stories

Yana the Russian; a courtesan well loved in the NZ sex industry (and abroad) for her quality of service and no BS approach to life.

NZ Pleasures was lucky enough to meet with Yana before she departed our shores. In the following video, we get to know Yana that little bit more, and also ask for her tips on working in the NZ sex industry.

Questions for Yana the Russian Courtesan

  • How long have you been a sex worker?   0:21
  • When did you start in NZ?   0:30
  • Have you always worked in Auckland?   0:41
  • How would you describe your provider style?   1:10
  • What has sex work afforded you?   2:02
  • What are your positives or favourite memories from working?   3:23
  • What advice would you give to someone new to the industry, or even already in sex work, who’s considering showing their face?   4:07
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?   5:40
  • How do you deal with the negative aspects of sex work?   6:08
  • Do you think there is a particular mindset needed to strive in sex work?   7:09
  • What are your top 5 advertising tips for someone starting out in sex work, or who is perhaps struggling to get going?   8:32
  • How about the use of forums for advertising?   10:07
  • How about the use of social media for sex worker advertising?   11:25
  • What advice do you have regarding websites and photography?   12:11

Follow Yana around the world via her website or connect with her on Twitter @YanatheRussian

We wish Yana all the best for her future and thanks again for sharing your experiences with us!

NZ Pleasures team

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